This is my flipper this is my fin, it’s dangerous to send me in.

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ATTENTION! Have you ever heard of a dolphin being a soldier? Not only are dolphins performing tricks to be fed, but they are also part of the military. Based across San Diego, Washington and Georgia in America, these creatures are kept in small enclosures awaiting their next military mission. Do they get a passing parade, I wonder? 



It’s not just dolphins who are soldiers, sea lions also have abilities that attract the military – both mammals are being used to find mines, protect military transport and find enemies in the ocean. They even get set missions which involve attaching tracking devices to the enemy. It seems the military are robbing these creatures of liberalization, having said that, just how much smarter can these animals get though? Everyone knows how clever and wonderful marine animals are, it’s just a shame they are being abused for their intelligence and abilities. 


Just like any military mission, dangers occur and there is risk – by sending these innocent creatures into a war zone, it’s their lives that are at risk. What happens when dolphins find the bomb and things go wrong? You won’t be hearing dolphin down, more like dolphin dead. The worst thing about all of this is that US soldiers have a choice to join the army, whereas, these dolphins are just picked and drafted into war. 


The military sea lions and dolphins do not lead a happy life. They are left in netted pens where they are unable to swim, play and mate. Everything is taken away from them and they are left awaiting their next mission. That is not how we treat our human soldiers, so, why are we treating the dolphins and sea lions differently?


Other impacts that occur are the disruptions in the ocean in the ecosystems as well. Other sea life  that are not part of the military training are also affected. This isn’t a recent issue either, marine mammals have been used for military operations since around the 1960’s as they were easy to work with (because they are so clever and friendly) and because of their echolocation which helps them to detect objects. 



Back then I’m sure technology could not compare with a bottled nose dolphin (still doesn’t make it 

right!) but surely now we do not need to put our sea life at risk anymore. Technology is so advanced that there must be something that can compare with these wonderful, clever creatures. There must be something that allows them to leave the army and live a happy fun-filled life instead. If not, someone for the love of King Triton find one!



 Written by Kimberley Bailey Sumner. 

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