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Tongki, is a 21-year-old male polar bear who was captive born. He resides at Everland Zoo, Yongin Province, Seoul, South Korea. This facility is owned by Samsung and opened in 1976.   He once shared his exhibit with 2 other polar bears and is housed in the parks original designed old bear pit. Tongki is suffering due to enduring sub-optimal conditions that fail to satisfy his biological & behavioural needs. He is prevented & restricted from carrying out any of his natural behaviours: foraging for food, digging & building his own dens & beds.


Saving the Angels of the Seas have been working on Tongki's case for 15 months. In March 2016. Our colleague travelled to South Korea to hold talks on behalf of Tongki.

In October 2015, and March 2016, we held two tweet storms for Tongki. In total over 82.000 people took part and spoke for him. His petition, (see below) has had over  7.000 signatures. Many people are openly voicing their concerns that the conditions Tongki are forced to reside in are shocking. The Korean Animal Welfare Act is outstanding, however, sadly. Captive species owned by private facilities like Samsung. Have no protection under this animal welfare act.


Please help us help Tongki by signing and sharing the petition below.

Case Update: 07/10/2016.

It is with good news that we can now report the good changes that  Everland have made  to Tongki's enclosure providing him with more enrichment, An outdoor temperature monitor and some overhead cloth to help protect Tongki from the the heat.

our colleague who is on the ground in South Korea recently visited Everland and checked on Tongki. Their was no visible bleeding from his mouth as our other colleague had witnessed on a previous visit some time before. Tongki was playing in the water and clearly having fun.


Ideally, We would still like for Everland to construct Tongki a new exhibit providing him enhanced, more natural, conditions  to better meet Tongki’s biological and behavioural  needs.

our letter campaign for Tongki is still live. If you wish to take part please go to:

Case Update: 16/12/2016.

Tongki still dreams of a new exhibit, Please continue to support Tongki by signing and sharing his petition and letter campaign.

From all the team at Saving the Angels of the Sea's Thank you

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