Pizza The Polar Bear In A Shopping Mall.

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Pizza the polar bear is recognised by the world as the saddest bear, she resides in a glass box in Grandview.  Shopping mall, China. Pizza is not the only exotic species that lives here she shares her home with arctic wolves, foxes & beluga whales.

Animals Asia  have been working hard on Pizza’s behalf and now they have the support of  other established animal welfare organisations in China who also wish for this aquarium to be closed and for the various species to be re-homed.

We have spoken with Animals Asia for a case update:

Our investigators have visited the facility and we have met with the management and provided them with advice on how to improve the facility in the short term for the animals that they exhibit.

Pizza has also been offered a place at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the UK, where she would be provided with expert care and have the potential to be integrated with other bears. This offer has not been accepted by Grandview but it remains an open offer and one in which we will continue to work towards.

Whilst Pizza remains at Grandview and the facility remains open we will continue to offer management advice in the hope that we can improve the lives of all of the animals in the short term, whilst continuing to call for the facility to end its exploitation of animals for the purposes of entertainment.

We are pleased to say that it appears that our pressure is having some impact. The facility recently released plans to further expand and this led to statements being made by the Chinese national government which imply that such expansion plans will not be permitted, please see this site for details.

For more information on the work that Animals Asia do please visit their website.

Please support Pizza by clicking this link and signing her petition.

What  You  Can You Do To Help.

Animals Asia never underestimates the power of the written word, and while a single letter or email may not seem like much, the collective expression of many people’s opinions can help bring about real change.

Please write a polite letter to your Chinese Ambassador calling for the development of captive animal welfare standards which would prevent any facility from keeping animals such as polar bears, arctic wolves and arctic foxes within such poor living conditions, an immediate end to the import of wild caught animals to supply the ocean parks, and an end to the keeping of cetaceans in captivity and send it to the main embassy address in your country. Embassy addresses can be found

I also urge you to sign up to our Asia for Animals action team and join us in speaking out for animals. We need your help to improve the lives of all animals worldwide. Writing a letter on a specific welfare issue is a valuable way you can support our campaigns. Please sign up to become a member of our team to receive email alerts on the latest action that we need you to participate in. For more details click and enter your contact details.

Thank you,

Dave Neale.
Animal Welfare Director
Animals Asia Foundation

Latest Update.


Pizza the polar bear has been relocated to Ocean Park, Northern China.  It is hoped this is a permanent move rather than temporary. Please continue to be Pizza’s voice.

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