Read our fact sheets and learn all about the many species of dolphins who inhabit our oceans.


Canadian Seal Slaughter

Every year in Canada. Thousands of innocent young seals and their pups have been bludgeoned, clubbed and shot to death for the fur industry. However, the requirement for seal products is declining yet despite this Canada continues to horrifically slaughter thousands of seals every year some only a few weeks old. Join us in our […]

Yuki & Hokuto

We urgently need your support to assist us in securing. Yuki & Hokuto. Improved enhanced conditions. Currently they reside in a space consisting of 15 x 8 meters, this includes a small pool and two indoor bedding areas. They reside in Himeji City Zoological Park. Japan. This facility is situated next to a world heritage […]

Sayonara Whales

Japan has been hunting whales for over 30 years, even with a global ban in place this does not deter them. Please all sign and share this petition lets put an end to this brutal practice.

Lets Stop Japan From Slaughtering Whales Once & For All.

Sayonara Whales Tell Japan No More Please sign and share to stop Japan from slaughtering innocent Whales.

Ivanovo Circus

Do you believe polar bears should be beaten, drugged, have their paws and heads wired so they can perform for public entertainment? Neither do we. Please support us by signing and sharing our petition calling upon Ivanovo Circus to stop this abuse they carry out daily on their polar bears in order to force them […]

Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Every year in September untill March in Taiji, Japan. The dolphin hunters go out in their boats to hunt innocent migrating dolphins to drive into the cove of Taiji. Their the dolphins are separated into groups. Males, females, babies and juveniles. Then the trainers from IMATA, arrive. Here, they then select the pretty ones for a life in captivity. Once the selection process is over then the slaughter of the remaining pod begins, the meat from these dolphins is then sold.

Tongki the bear

Tongki is a polar bear who urgently needs changes to improve his welfare biologically and behaviorally. Tongki is suffering due to enduring suboptimal conditions that fail to satisfy his biological & behavioural needs. Without us applying pressure to Samsung and Everland Zoological Park. Tongki is not living he is existing. At present we are running a letter campaign.

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